Modern Tales – Brussels Vocal Project meets John Hollenbeck

Tales were born from popular beliefs and were transmitted from generation to generation. Weather it’s the Three Little Piggies, the Little Mermaid, or the Emperor’s New Clothes, the stories help people understand their daily struggles. Brussels Vocal Project decided to put these tales in music by collaborating with American composer John Hollenbeck and the drummer Moritz Baumgärtner. The idea is to translate old familiar forms of expression into today’s realm. Story-wise, Brussels Vocal Project proposes to shed a new light on the tales by viewing them from a different angle through texts of Elsa Grégoire, Anu Junnonen and François Vaiana. John Hollenbeck will support this idea by revisiting an ancient instrumentation, probably the oldest, which is drums and voices.

Sarah Klenes/Marie Séférian (soprano), Anu Junnonen (mezzo), Elsa Gregoire (alto), Gabriel Hahn (tenor), Francois Vaiana (baritone), Moritz Baumgärtner (drums)
Music composed by John Hollenbeck


Brussels Vocal Project “modern tales” – November 9th – Cercle des Voyageurs, Brüssel

Brussels Vocal Project “modern tales” – November 10th – Maurice&Dietrich, Antwerpen

Brussels Vocal Project “modern tales” –  December 12th – Bb Flat, Berlin

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